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A technical documentation template is any sort of document that explains controlling, utility, ability and design of a technical product.

Usually this document is the universal term of documentation regarding to a product or service and it also explains how a product operates. Some major technical documents that are passed on to the public by the company such as user instructions, operating instructionsservicing instructions manualinstallation and software manuals. These technical document templates are part of the overall product delivered to the consumer or provided to the end user.

Certainly all those documents which are generated during the product life cycle are regarded as part of the technical documentation. When ever a new product is launched in the market no matter its is mini or major there is a need to describe it or explain its features to the buyer or people.

Technical documentation templates are used for this purpose. These templates contain all the required details about the product. Technical documents contain several phases includes information starting from the initials. These kind of templates are considered to be the forever support for the customers. Generally the technical documentation template was provided as a user guide or instruction manual.

These documents include memos, fliers, graphics, brochures, handbooks, web pages, instructions, specifications, catalogs and today the technical documentation is progressively being delivered online. Basically there are so many types of technical document formats and it might be difficult to understand the difference in them therefore by grouping them into three main categories you can easily understand the difference in them.

Three main categories of technical documentation formats are traditional technical document, technical marketing communications and end user documents. The basic purpose of the technical document sample is to assist the guide through the main features of the product or use the product in a right way. There are some basic terms which you need to read or accept before downloading the provided template.

The basic term or condition you need to accept is, you will download this template only for personal use and you can not sell the template to third party. You can download this template fo r free and and use it for personal activities or assistance. Any change or modification in the Sample word Format is allowed only for the personal usage you can not make any amendments in these templates without the permission of owner. Any change is allowed solely for personal usage not for commercial purpose.

You can download these templates and can use them for your assistance but cannot claim ownership of all those templates which are available on this website.

All the rights are reserved for the owner of the template. Skip to content.Add the following snippet to your HTML:. Let's control a plantation, using real data as temperature, relative air humidity, luminosity and soil moisture. Read up about this project on. The goal of this project is to create a fully automated Arduino based tomato home farm.

The general idea is to capture information from a tomato plantation, as temperature, relative air humidity, luminosity and soil humidity and based on those data decide the right amount and when the plantation should receive heat and water.

Also the project should allow manual intervention of an operator in order to control a water pump and an electric lamp to generate heat for the plantation. The manual intervention must be both, local and remote via Internet. The above block diagram shows the main components of the project. The video bellow describe the first laboratory prototype used for testing:.

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And this one shows how the commands will work local and remotely via WebPage:. Here in the first part, we will explore the Local Station, taking care of sensors, actuators, learning how to display data, etc.

For laboratory tests, a Breadboard Power Supply Module 3. To be used on Part 2. The first sensor to be installed and tested is the DHT 22, a digital relative humidity and temperature sensor.

It uses a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure the surrounding air, and spits out a digital signal on the data pin no analog input pins needed. According its Datasheetthe sensor should be powered between 3.

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It is also important to have in mind that the its sensing period is in average 2seconds minimum time between readings. The DHT22 has 4 pins facing the sensor, pin 1 is the most left :. Once usually you will use the sensor on distances less than 20m, a 10K resistor should be connected between Data and VCC pins. The Output pin should be connected to Arduino pin 5 see the diagram above.

Once the sensor is installed at Arduino, download the DHT library from Adafruit github repository and install it in your Arduino's Library file. Once the DHT is installed and tested, it's time for the luminosity sensor. Basically what we should to do is to have a Voltage Divider, where one of the resistors is the LDR and the middle point of the divider should be used as an analog input for Arduino. This way, varying the light, the LDR resistance varies and so, the middle point voltage of the divider will also change proportionally.

The pin "S" will be connected connected to Arduino Pin Analog 0. Also, once the output of the output of Arduino Analog Digital converter ADC is a number from 0 towe should "Map" those values in order to get the following results:.

A sensor for testing soil moisture is very simple.

farmbot documentation pdf

It has the same principle as the Luminosity sensor. The basic circuit is really simple and can be seen above. Unfortunately, the reality is a little bit more complex than this but not much. The simple sensor as described before would work fine, but not for long. The problem is that having a constant current flowing thru the electrodes in one single direction will generate corrosion on them due the electrolysis effect. Doing that, first the sensor would be "energized" only when the reading should really happen and the current direction over the probes could be done on both directions, eliminating the electrolysis's effect.

Bellow simple test code was based on the post "How to: Soil Moisture Measurement? For now it is enough once we will discuss this sensor deeper on step 5. Now that all sensors routines are ready and tested individually, Let's create a specific function to read all sensors at once. Once the code are running, do some tests with the sensors, like covering the LDR for example and see if the data goes from a high value to near 0 see the Serial Monitor Print screen above. Of course we will not have always a serial monitor to analise the output of our sensors.

So, for local monitoring a LCD will be added to the project.The Farmbot — a Needed and Welcome and Excellent addition to producing healthy food and having healthy brains as well!

Farmbot is a clever application of robotic technology that takes the daily maintenance work out of tending a garden. We are all eager to get healthy and to eat nutritious and healthy food. Now it is common to see an organic section in the fresh produce departments as well as a section of shelves for packaged organic products. Two years ago this was not the case. Many studies indicate how the nutritional content of food has dropped significantly in the past few decades.

Consequently you have to know your supplier and read the labels. The real secret is Know the Hand that provides your Food! So more and more people are taking matters into their own hands. Growing your own is now a serious endeavor. Home gardens in various incarnations are becoming ubiquitous. Food cooperatives and garden markets are the order of the day.

Community gardens flourish. However, unless you have experience growing things successfully, this can be a daunting task just to get started. Enter the Farmbot. For busy people with a bit of money and a few square meters of space in their back yard, the farmbot fits the bill.

It allows people to set up some raised beds for growing anything they want with very little effort. Farmbot is designed and offered with all the documentation, plans, drawings being open source — that is — free to use and modify to build your own machine.

The basic farmbot Genesis installation is designed to fit on a 3m by 1. They also offer a larger version for more production, The FarmBot Genesis XL which is 3m x 6m 18 m 2 or ft 2 With additional hardware and modifications the Genesis can be scaled up to 50m 2 or ft 2 33m x 1.

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Two 4. Nothing about FarmBot speaks obsolescence or proprietary. We enjoy tearing apart our gadgets and gizmos to fix them, improve them, and make them different and unique. I really like the Farmbot.

For its target market I think it is a wonderful product albeit a bit expensive to go out and buy. Pingback: The Saker. Community site is going live. This new site is about you. The Vineyard of the Saker. Previous : CryptoCurrencies — Where is the value? June 12, In the first part we create a local control station, capturing information from a tomato plantation, as temperature, relative air humidity, luminosity and soil humidity.

Based on those data, the ArduFarmBot decided automatically the right amount and when the plantation should receive heat and water. The local station developed on the Part 1, also allowed manual intervention of an operator in order to control the water pump and the electric lamp. The block diagram shows how we will do this. The bellow block diagram, shows all Arduino and main components PIN connections.

The only care that you must have is related with the voltage level. The ESP works with 3. A voltage level should be used. In our case, we will build a voltage divider to be used as a voltage level converter.

FarmBot Software: Web App Basics

Only remember that you must disconnect them when uploading the code to Nano. It is good to have a sound when you have a comm error.

I used it during the test phase, leaving out at final project the hw, but the code is prepared for that. It is up to you have it or not. If everything were done correctly, you should see at Serial Monitor similar messages as bellow:. In order to send those data, the first thing to do is to start the communication with ThingSpeak. We will do this, using the finction: startThingSpeakCmd.

The above functions were based on a great and detailed tutorial developed by Michalis Vasilakis. At this moment we are uploading all collected data and storing them at the cloud.

v1.3 Documentation Now Available

This is very good and useful for a remote monitoring, but what happen if based on those data we also want to turn-on the Pump or the Lamp, independent of the the local automatic program? OK, but how to set up those fields directly at ThingSpeak? Anyway, on both cases a you should use a command like:.

You can easily test it, writing the above command-line at you browser, the correspondent field at your channel will be changed. As a return, the browser will show a white page with a single number on upper left corner, corresponding to the sequencial data entry in your channel.

The command to do this is shown bellow. Same way as we did before, you can test the command-line, using your web browser. In this case, the browser will show you the data on that specific field. See the Photo above. A similar function should be written for Field 8. The photo above shows how the received command will appear at your Serial monitor.

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See the complete code at end of this Instructable :. In our case here we will define the following:. You can change it, the way that you want. That is the good thing about using a programable processor for controlling things!What's New. Michel M. Deschamps - Director. Personal Sightings. Sightings Archive. Newspaper Archive. UFO Characteristics. UFO Physical Traces.

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What is the Return on Investment of a FarmBot?

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There was no specific government agency responsible for the collecting and analysing of these sightings, so responsibility fell on the Department of Air.June 24, Guesses are marked with an asterisk. Direct Costs Only From our analysis of how much food FarmBot can growwe're going to work with a quantity of 4.

The table below shows the monthly direct costs of producing this much food with FarmBot vs buying it at the grocery store. So let's look at what the cost savings and ROI of FarmBot is when taking into account indirect costs as well.

farmbot documentation pdf

We're also going to go out on a limb and suggest based on conversations with prospective FarmBot customers that most people will be using FarmBot to grow vegetables with organic practices. If any of these cases are true, then your ROI period would fall somewhere in between the three and five years we've suggested. Another big factor is whether you buy a kit or build a FarmBot yourself. This means that the ROI period could dip below two years!

To best understand the economics of owning a FarmBot, we suggest looking at these example calculations and plugging in numbers that more accurately reflect you and your lifestyle.

For example, what is the value you place on self reliance and owning the food production process that sustains you? What is the value of eating fresh, local vegetables grown right in your backyard? What is the value of being more connected with your food? What is the value of having a really cool farming robot in your front yard that impresses your friends and family every time they come over?

We'll let you decide! Previous article February 13th, Update. Added to your cart:. Cart subtotal. FarmBot Grown Veggies. Store Bought Veggies. Transportation to and from store in vehicle - 6. CO2 emitted in production of veggies.Check out the FarmBot Teaser Trailer:. The original article can be found on AgFunder hereand it is copied below. Rory Aronson wants you to steal his idea.

farmbot documentation pdf

In founding FarmBothe decided none of his ideas would be proprietary. Everything he and his team design and all of the information they gather is yours for the taking. Want to learn more about FarmBot? Is it as sci-fi as it sounds? Rory Aronson: Sort of. When I thought about rebuilding the agricultural process, a robot is what I pictured. It is quite literally a robotic device that someone can control through their smartphone or laptop. SZ: You say anyone can use FarmBot—but I imagine some knowledge or skill is requiring before diving into building a backyard farm.

RA: Not necessarily. A person decides what they want to grow, and FarmBot will do the rest. Much like having a 3D printer in your home and deciding what you want to make, you can decide what you want to grow to your own specs and FarmBot will do it. It transitions the control of the system one may have to the consumer. For instance, if you want to grow spinach in Manhattan or kale in the tropics, FarmBot can gather this data in order to grow the plant.

Through this, people can upload growing guides for trees, herbs, flowers, mushrooms — any agricultural product. Anyone with or without a FarmBot can use this data and learn how to garden. This data is also available to any agricultural technology through an open API. RA: My drive in establishing this company is not profit. Everyone eats, so everyone should have the ability to grow their own food, with a little help. If someone can do it better than me, I welcome that because that will push our mission and technology forward.

RA: Not at all. I believe open sourced information is the way of the future. More companies are opening up about their practices and technology, in order to put the consumer first. Is the machine ready to ship?

farmbot documentation pdf

RA: Not yet. I have cameras pointed on it and the plants to see where we can improve. When it does ship, the user will need to assemble it. RA: We think it is.

Every piece is cut to size, and every wire is there with clear direction. We want to empower people to grow their own food, so confusing them with advanced mechanics is not the way to get there. With that said, we also see FarmBot being used to grow plants beyond consumption. Because the process is so controlled, you can use it to grow plants for lab testing and remove the element of human error.

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